The Sons of Liberty (original organizations in New York and Boston but later expanded to other colonies)
external image SOL.jpgIn Boston, a group of shopkeepers and artisans called themselves the Loyal Nine. The loyal Nine had begun to prepare themselves to go against the Stamp Act. As the group began to expand they started to refer to themselves as the Sons of Liberty. The members weren't huge politicians they were working men. The Sons of Liberty were somewhat a secret group. They didn't want some people to know of there identity because they could be punished by the British. Sons of Liberty responded to the Stamp Acts by avoiding buying items that were taxed. They used news papers to protest how they felt about the Stamp act. They really felt that the British shouldn't have taxed them because it was wrong.
‍Another great and very effective act made by the Sons of Liberty was also the The Boston Tea Party. They were the men whom had disguised themselves as Indians and poured the tea into the Harbor. This act set off a chain of events but got the colonist points across to British. Later these chains of events will include the Intolerable Acts
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Map of Boston. Boston is where the Boston tea party was done by the Sons of Liberty.