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The Battles of Saratoga, two significant battles during September and October of 1777.It was a crucial victory for the Patriots during the American Revolution and is considered the turning point of the Revolutionary War. The Battle was a driving force for France to join the war against Britain, reinvigorating Washington’s Continental Army and providing much needed supplies and support. The turning point in the Revolutionary War began as a plan by the British to strategically control Upstate New York and isolate New England from the Southern colonies in an effort to decisively put an end to the Revolution. The results of this battle were what the patriots were awaiting.


General John Burgoyne

Time Line:
September 19, 1777: First Altercation of the Battle of Saratoga, the Battle of Freeman's Farm.
A militia of sharpshooters from Virginia harassed the British, while other colonist forces aggressively charged into battle with them

October 7,1777: Second Altercation of the Battle of Saratoga, The battle of Bemis Heights

October 17 1777: General John Burgoyne, a British officer, was forced to surrender.


This battle proved to the world that the fledgling
American army was an effective fighting force capable of defeating the
highly trained British forces in a major confrontation. As a result of this
successful battle, the European powers took interest in the cause of the

Americans and began to support them.
It motivated the French to offer military and financial assistance.