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The Second Continental Congress was a group of people from each colonist who had started meeting after the Lexington and Concord battle. They met to figure out a way of gaining independence from Britain. They were one of our only forms of a government. They accomplished a lot during The Revolutionary War time period. They wrote the olive Branch and later drafted the Declaration of Independence. They even came up with an official army that was named The Continental Army. The Continental Congress was a key and important group that did and accomplished a lot.

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Sam Adams was A son of liberty as well as member of the continental congress. He always kept the fire going that led us to our independence from Britain.

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John Hancock is known for the biggest signature on the Declaration of Independence. He was the man who presided over the second continental congress.

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Benjamin Franklin was the wisest man in the second continental congress. The second Continental congress sent him to France to gain the alliance of the French. He greatly accomplished this task.

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Patrick Henry was a passionate and convincing speaker. He made a speech about the stamp act the convinced many of Britain’s wrong doings. "I know not what course others may take; but as for me... give me liberty or give me death!" is a line for which he is very famous for. This line helped him show many the urgency of Britain’s hostility.

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George Washington was a Virginia delegate. He was elected Commander in Chief of the continental army by the second Continental Congress. He helped accomplish a lot. His input and advice on how the second Continental Congress could overcome Britain’s rule was very useful.

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Time Line: 1775

May 10

The Second Continental Congress meets in Philadelphia

June 15

George Washington named Commander in Chief

June 17

The British drive the Americans from Breed's Hill

July 3

Washington assumes command of the Continental Army

In 1775 The Second Continental Congress asked Pennslyvania to recruit four battalions for the Contnenital Army. Below is the layout/map of the battalions

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