"The British are coming, the British are coming!!!",said Paul Revere!!!! Paul Revere is remembered for his historic Midnight Ride warning colonists of the impending British Army attack. He also had an illustrious career as an engraver, silversmith, watchmaker and soldier. But did he really complete the midnight ride?
Revere became a trusted messenger for the Massachusetts Committee of Safety, an organization set up to resist the British. He foresaw an attack by the British troops against the location of military supplies in Concord, Massachusetts, and arranged a signal to warn the patriots in Charlestown, Massachusetts. During the late evening of April 18, 1775, the chairman of the Committee of Safety told him that the British were going to march to Concord. Revere signaled by hanging two lanterns in the tower of Boston's North Church. This showed that the British were approaching "by sea," that is, by way of the Charles River. He crossed the river, borrowed a horse in Charlestown, and started for Concord. Arriving in Lexington, Massachusetts, at midnight, he awakened American rebels John Hancock (1737–1793) and Samuel Adams (1722–1803), allowing the two men to flee to safety.

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Did Paul Revere really complete his "famous midnight ride?"No he did not, Paul Revere was captured that night by the British (the regualrs) because he had warned Samuel Adams and John Hancock that the regulars were coming. Along the way of their flee to safety Dawes and doctor Prescott joined them, but they didn't complette their trip. Just outside of the town of Lincoln, they were confronted by 4 Regulars at another road block. They tried unsuccessfully to run their horses through them. Prescott, who was familiar with the terrain, jumped a stone wall and escaped. Revere and Dawes tried to escape and shortly into the chase they were confronted by 6 more regulars on horseback. Revere was surrounded and taken prisoner. Dawes got away as they were taking Revere into custody.

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* The blue text in my timeline represents Paul Revere's route in my map above.*
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Paul Revere's ride to warn the city that the British(the regulars)were coming.

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The morning of April 19, 1775 saw soldiers of the British Army arriving at the Massachusetts town of Lexington. Their mission was to seize and destroy militia weapons and ammunition, but the local militia, known as Minutemen, stood on Lexington Green, awaiting their arrival. During the stand off, a someone fired a shot, which led the British troops to fire at the colonial militia. The Minutemen dispersed, and the British headed toward nearby Concord.