The Navigation Acts was passed in 1651 by the English Parliament in the seventeenth century.Even though the act started in 1651, it wasn't until 1764 when the British started to get mad. The acts were originally aimed at excluding the Dutch from the profits made by the English trade. The Navigation Acts restricted American trade by saying that only British ships could transport imported and exported goods from the colonies. Also, that the only people who were allowed to trade with the colonies had to be British citizens. In 1660 the Second Navigation Acts were passed. It contained the same provisions as the first one but added more protective measures such as the ban to import tabacco, sugar, wool products, cotton, and other goods to any country, execpt for England and other English colonies.



1660 - The English Crown approves a Navigation Act requiring the exclusive use of English ships for trade in the English colonies and limits exports of tobacco and sugar and other commodities to England or its colonies.

1663 - King Charles II establishes the colony of Carolina and grants the territory to eight loyal supporters.
1663 - Navigation Act of 1663 requires that most imports to the colonies must be transported via England on English ships.
1664 - The Dutch New Netherland colony becomes English New York after Gov. Peter Stuyvesant surrenders to the British following a naval blockade.
1664 - Maryland passes a law making lifelong servitude for black slaves mandatory to prevent them from taking advantage of legal precedents established in England which grant freedom under certain conditions, such as conversion to Christianity. Similar laws are later passed in New York, New Jersey, the Carolinas and Virginia.
1672 - The Royal Africa Company is given a monopoly in the English slave trade.

1673 - Dutch military forces retake New York from the British.

1673 - The British Navigation Act of 1673 sets up the office of customs commissioner in the colonies to collect duties on goods that pass between plantations.

1674 - The Treaty of Westminster ends hostilities between the English and Dutch and returns Dutch colonies in America to the English.

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