The French and Indian War

The French and Indian War (Seven Years War) was fought between the French and The British Army and Loyal Colonists (at that point of time). At the beginning of the war many British Soldiers were outnumbered by the French. After this altercation Benjamin Franklin took action and decided to come up with a plan to help the British Army defeat the French.



1752-1753: Agitation grows – Tension grows between France and England over land and trading claims. Minor skirmishes break out.
Nov-December 1753: George Washington carries Virginia’s ultimatum over French encroachment to Captain Legardeau de Saint-Pierre. He rejects it.
May 1754: Washington defeats French in a surprise attack (the first battle) and builds Fort Necessity.
July 1754: The French take over Fort Necessity.
July 1754: Washington blamed for the loss of Fort Necessity, resigns. He will later return as a volunteer under British authority.
May 8-9, 1756: Declarations of War – War is officially declared between Great Britain and France.
Feb 10, 1763: Treaty of Paris – All French possessions east of the Mississippi, except New Orleans, are given to the British. All French possessions west of the Mississippi are given to the Spanish. France regains Martinique, and Guadeloupe.