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Benedict Arnold is known as a traitor. He was once on the colonist side but later betrayed us and joined sides with the British.
Down below I will you the tale of Benedict Arnold and his reasons for betraying us. You can decide rather what he did was good or bad
Benedict Arnold was a great soldier in the Continental Army.Benedict Arnold did do alot for the colonist. He helped lead us to the victory of Saratoga as well as helped capture the fort Ticonderoga. But he had enemies within the army. In 1777, men with lesser rank was promoted and he wasn't.Over the coures of years he had remaried and his pay in the Continental army was decreasing.In 1780 Benedict arnold was given command of West Point, New York.He had met with a British major John Andre to talk about handing over West Point to the British if they pay him money.But the plot didn't work out. The conspiracy was discovered and John Andre was captured and executed.Causing Benedict Arnold to be called a traitor.


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1777- men with lesser rank was promoted and Benedict Arnold was not
1780- Benedict arnold was given command of west point
October 2 1780- John Andre was executed